Interior furnishings

The décor process: the pathway that leads from a dream to reality. Furnishing interiors is an articulated process: there are diverse steps and professional figures necessary to transform an empty room into a space to be lived in. We guarantee quality, professionalism and coordination during all the phases.

Taking measurements

The first step for carrying out a careful, precise project: using the most advanced measuring instruments, a state of the art project is then transferred to paper, accurate down to the last millimeter. In this phase the designer becomes familiar with the space, using experience and imagination to configure the spaces, pathways and functions correctly and smoothly. This is the first step, therefore one of the most delicate, and it can have a significant effect on the entire process.

Customer input

The so-called preliminary phase, in which the designer attentively interviews the customer, to gather in-depth knowledge of the customer's lifestyle and needs. This information is essential for optimizing the arrangement, ergonomics and utilization of the furnishings, creating a truly custom solution. This is also a very critical phase: the customer's dreams and expectations are the elements that make up the foundations for our work.

Sketches and materials

The designer combines the information gathered during the previous phases to create sketches, drafts, watercolors and prospectus drawings, which are then accompanied by samples of selected materials and colors. The customer can then visualize the arrangement of the elements in space, imagining the future arrangement of the home, experiencing the atmosphere and then deciding if the path taken is the right one or if changes need to be made.

Architectural design outline

Following the first creative phase, it is then time to define the exact, analytical design of the entire project for the home. The designer, thanks to the use of computerized tools, processes the final architectural design outline. The first technical-design phase concentrates specifically on the ergonomics and functionality of the furnishings, on the exact placement of the functional areas and pathways, with the objective of creating harmony in the home.

Executive project

Starting from the architectural design outline, we create diverse drafts with plans and specific prospectuses for the various necessary works to create the space: demolitions and construction, electrical system, flooring, ceilings, walls, etc. The executive project is the guiding force for the diverse functions involved in subsequent systems planning and installation, so that each one has an exact, complete vision of the overall project from a technical standpoint.

Technical specifications

This is the phase in which we process each single furnishing element in a specific, detailed manner. An alphanumerical system organizes the elements, so that we can immediately recognize the element's location within the plan. We link a "book" to this drawing where the furnishings are accurately described (dimensions, colors, finishes, codes, possible coverings, etc.) and illustrated through photographs and technical drawings.


Transportation of the furnishings from the manufacturing facility to the customer's residence is an extremely delicate step. The furnishings must be protected from any possible damage: we take great care in the packaging of the items, protecting the most fragile parts before stowing them in the most suitable transport vehicles, such as trucks and containers. Thanks to the scrupulous attention taken during this phase, we can guarantee that the products arrive at their destination in perfect conditions.

Assembly and installation

Our spaces are made to be lived in. Family life and daily gestures can clearly cause continuous stress for home furnishings: movement, impact, contact, wear. To assist our customers we rely on an archiving system that stores all of the data relative to every single project: finishes, measurements, fabrics, samples. Even after several years from the initial installation we are able to guarantee replacements and complements in a short time span.

After sales service

Our spaces are made to be lived in. Family life and daily gestures cause furnishings continue stresses: repositionings, impacts, contacts and wear. In order to support our customers, we equipped ourselves with an archiving system containing all the datas regarding every single project: finishings, measurements, fabrics and samples. Thus, even several years after the installation, we are able to guarantee substitutions and accessories in a short time.

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