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Sorrentino: Golden Globe and Oscar nomination, congratulations by Martini Mobili

Martini Mobili congratulates the director Paolo Sorrentino for winning the Golden Globe for best foreign work, and he was nominated for an Oscar for the film "The Great Beauty".  During the last edition of the Cannes Film Festival, we were able to accommodate the director in the interview room…
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Martini Mobili @ Venice Movie Festival

After the contribution of furnishing the lounge of the Cannes Film Festival, Martini Mobili will be sponsor of Venice Movie Festival, from 27 August to 07 September. We'll furnish one of the most impressive and beautiful facing to the "Canal Grande" lobby. The Laguna Hotel, in Lido island, will…
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Martini Mobili promotes Cannes Movie Festival

Martini Mobili has been chosen to be one of the technical sponsor of Cannes Movie Festival. During the festival, Martini will furnish the "Californie" hall in the Carlton Hotel, on the Croisette, especially the bar/lounge area and the interview area. In this super-exclusive hall, all the movie star…
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Classic interior design for the kitchen, the living room and the sleeping area

To properly furnish an house with classic decor, professionality experience are required. First thing you need to knowois that the house is always divided into three main functional areas, in which we can find some similarities and many differences.
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Classic kitchen: structural and formal characteristics

Kitchen is without doubt the central element of the home, and one of the most used. Both formally and technically, this environment should be designed to the last detail, to achieve a better usability and a pleasing and charming effect.
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Grand Opening Tukasa in Tavernerio (CO)

Tukasa is our new partner for distribution in Tavernerio, near Como. Today we had the grand opening and many people and furniture designers were there. Tukasa represents a new distributive concept where furnishing can be managed from the project to the final fitting, going thru a defined process. Tukasa…
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Kitchen appliances, a choice of innovation and prestige

Kitchen furniture must represent owner's lifestyle. To do it you need to mix differen elements, each to improve aesthetic an functional aspects. Kitchen devices are the most used and abused part of kitchen, so you need to concentrate your attention on those. In Martini kitchen you can inset every kind…
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Interior classic doors, a sign of style continuity

In a high level classical furnishing internal doors play a fundamentale role. They are part of the furniture of rooms they join so they must support the entire aspect of rooms. About technical matters, differen kinds of doors exist: slapping doors, inside wall sliding doors, outside wall sliding door...…
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The passion for massive wood

Massive wood is the main material Martini furnitures are made of. As synonym of prestige and durability, you must know massive wood in order to chraft it the best way. This is, in fact, a live material growing and withdrawing depending on humidity and temperature. In order to avoid these movements it's…
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Functional technology

Most advanced technology meets style. It's usually thought that high technology is appliable only to modern, minimal and innovating style. Martini shows how it can be perfectly applied to the classical style of every part of furniture. Opening technology helps to improve hergonomics and usability in…
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