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Gold and silver details

Prestige and classy elements Martini furnishings have hand made guilded and silvered decoration, this in order to have luxorious and shiny effects. 18 karats gold and silver leaves are real thin sheets, applied by drowing up a layer of special glue on the part to be decorated. On this part, this thin…
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Handmade carvings

The quality of out furnishings is assured by a very high care for detils. For this every carved decorative element is made by expert italian carvers using their expertize and art to each single peace. This completely hand made work, joint to wood value and hi level finishings, guarantees durability…
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Martini Mobili in the top 50 companies in Veneto

Last edition of "progetto Challenger" by Unioncamere Veneto showed our great attention to work quality inside our company. Being qualified between the 50 best companies in Veneto in a so important research make us proud and willing to work even better. Company growing path must pass thru customer satisfaction,…
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Sapori, new kitchen catalog: the italian style for the kitchen

Sapori, italian kitchen styling Sapori, as a collection born from the research of final consumer, joins the massive wood's strenght to function and high tecnology. It satisfies customer's needs of usability and practical management of spaces, thanks to hergonomic lines, evolved storing elements and…
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Incontri, new living room catalog: the italian style for the house

Incontri, Italian house styling  Incontri catalogue accompanies us in a trip in living space. A travel between different Italian cities, every one with its own culture, life-style and personality. Classical style, is proposed in every ambience, renewed with warm finishings and elegant shapes.
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Presentation of our new collection for 2011

On Friday, February 25th we presented our newest collectione "Sapori, italian kitchen styling" and "Incontri, italian home styling". All the company's selling network had the opportunity to read the preview of new catalogues and tio visit the new exibition space, for the occasion renewed and increased.
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Meeting with our customers to show new products

New cycle of in-factory events for italian selling points begun. First data March, 16th, in a suggesting Villa near Verona. Main features of the day were presentation of new selling instruments and objectives sharing for new year. After an informal lunch we went to the company's show-room as an important…
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