Classic kitchen: structural and formal characteristics

Kitchen is without doubt the central element of the home, and one of the most used. Both formally and technically, this environment should be designed to the last detail, to achieve a better usability and a pleasing and charming effect.
The first feature that distinguishes the classic kitchens from modern or contemporary kitchens is the material used for the production of the furniture. In the modern style, when we speak about innovation and material, it's everything about resistance and price. In classic style, otherwise, materials are traditional, and innovation is achieved in the production process: the improvements give the product more formal appeal and modern functionality.
The shape of the door is designed to have an inner panel and a frame that signs the contours of the modules in a rigorous way. This traditional style, together with the use of solid wood, allows to have an excellent final product both in aesthetic and longevity.
The solid wood is the king element of the classic style: finishes are specifically designed to enhance this noble raw material. The most known finishes are polished, which is normally used to highlight the natural color of wood, and the lacquered, that instead colors the wood. The classic feel of a kitchen is perceived not only visually, but also touching the material and testing its softness.
We find further peculiar characteristics in the composition: the classic cuisine offers the so-called "classical symmetry" or "symmetry of the forms," ​​a strict symmetry in which the axis is usually represented from the cooking area, the true focus of the environment. This symmetry differs substantially from symmetry used to furnish modern kitchens, namely the "symmetry of volumes", for which harmony is given by the similarity of "weight" of the different areas of the kitchen.
To these aspect we have to add the general characteristics typical of the high end kitchens. An example are the interior finishes of the crates that riprongono the same exterior finish as the doors. Shrewdnesses which generally are not found in modern furniture. Conversely, however, the classic style combines and adapts some features of modern furniture, such as innovation in the hardware or the possibility to insert into the furniture appliances and countertops of latest generation.

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