We furnish the most elegant homes around the world, customizing each project and using only the highest quality raw materials and prestigious craftsman processes.

Selection of materials.

The quality of all Martini products is guaranteed through an attentive selection of materials based on prestige and technical requirements. Solid wood is selected to guarantee perfect homogeneity of colors and grain, and the lumber comes exclusively from controlled deforestation plantations.


The wood panels or multi-layer composites are checked to ensure firm seals and excellent resistance, far exceeding that of common wood paneling. The wood veneer is always executed in-house, using non-toxic glue and adhering to homogeneity criteria in all the diverse parts of the project.


A wide range of equipment allows organizing the interior space into functional, flexible containers based on the specific needs of the project. Perfect organization and coordination of functions in a kitchen means positioning each accessory where it is easily reachable when necessary.


Finishing is the delicate phase in which the wood is covered and the panels are veneered with a thin film of lacquer. Wood is a living material and the intrusion of water into wood fibers without adequate protection can lead to deformities or swelling in the wood. The finishing process has the purpose of rendering the wood uniform, glossier or colored.

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